About Us

When we first began our journey in 1976, we had a singular vision: to bring the quality of eternal bliss and divinity to homes and prayers across the country, regardless of your faith and beliefs. We knew that journey began with encapsulating the purity and grace of Indian traditions with our fragrances. That is why we go out of our way to use only the highest-quality ingredients in each of our products, so that when you inhale the scent of a Shalimar Agarbatti, you are transported to a different time – where nothing stands between you, and the strength of India’s traditons.


Over the years, we have observed the myriad cultures of India, and constantly adapted our range of products to include hundreds of beautiful fragrances. Today, 40 years into our journey, we can confidently say that no matter who you are, there is a Shalimar fragrance that will enrich your life, calm your mind, and enliven your prayers.

the shalimar legacy

When our journey began, we had nothing but the three pillars we held most valuable: a commitment to quality, our customers, and pure hard work. Today, almost every Indian home is familiar with the fragrances of Shalimar. That is because our pillars have kept us strong, and formed the foundation for us to grow over the passing decades. Each of our core values, beginning with an unbridled effort to source the best-quality ingredients to craft fine-tuned products, paying heed to the nature, beliefs and perspectives of our customers, and viewing the road ahead with grit and determination – have helped us surge ahead to where we are today. It is these values that will accompany us in the many years to come, and shape our journey in the future.